Mentor Feature: Dina Miller, Dillard's

by Emily Reeves Dean August 19, 2018 Resources, Talent

Meet Dina Miller, Divisional Merchandise Manager of Jewelry, Watches, Sunglasses, and Fashion Accessories at Dillard’s Inc.

As a repeat host for the Arkansas Fellowship program and mentor at our second IA Network event focusing on retail startups, Dina is a strong advocate for entrepreneurs in the state.

Dina Miller began her career in retail at Macy's Kansas City as a sales associate in the Fall of 1980. In 1985, when the Kansas City Macy's stores were acquired by Dillard's Department Stores, Inc., Dina worked with a seasoned team at two different stores to assist in the conversion -- bringing a fresh look in the visual, as well as the customer service approach. She was recognized as an innovator and asked to join the St. Louis Buying Office team. She helped many fashion brands of clothing launch during her years of buying ladies apparel. This included a leadership role with a group of buyers from different parts of the country.

After 15 years of buying, Dina moved her family to Little Rock, Arkansas to join the corporate buying team of intimates led by Bill Dillard III. The last six years of Dina's career have been in her current position, as Divisional Merchandise Manager of Jewelry, Watches, Sunglasses, and Fashion Accessories. She is also the Dillard's representative for onboarding Arkansas Fellowship recruits every year since its launch in 2014. The first Arkansas Fellow is now a buyer for Dillard's home store. The 2nd Arkansas Fellow is now a store manager in the Atlanta stores. Her 3rd Arkansas fellow spent his fellowship as her financial planner and assistant, and just this month is now an assistant buyer in the home store. Dina now has the newest class of Arkansas Fellows working for her, one as a financial analyst, and business development assistant, and the 2nd as an assistant jewelry buyer.

Most recently, Dina has accepted a role on the Dillard's Mentorship Team. This team matches new talent with a passion for learning with Mentors who can help in the development of talent. Developing new talent, fostering innovation and great partnerships has led Dina Miller to the success that she has experienced in her 37 years of retail.

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