Alese Stroud on Disaster Recovery Planning

August 4, 2015

Little Rock startup Merger Match currently is wrapping up a beta test of its "corporate health assessment" with IA clients Movista of Bentonville and RxResults of Little Rock, as well as Bulldog Solutions from Austin, Texas.

More to come.

Meanwhile, co-founder Alese Stroud has some good material for CEOs and founders on disaster recovery planning at the Merger Match blog here.

A Venture Center member and graduate of the VC's Pre-Flight pre-accelerator course, Merger Match, from Stroud and Bridget Farris, aims to match companies with the best acquisition targets. Its services include corporate health assessments, which it is providing for Movista and RxResults.

RxResults provides pharmacy benefits risk management, and just announced the release of two new products -- MemberChoice to help companies offset rising drug costs, and Specialty Drug Management to help mitigate rising pharmacy benefit costs for employers.

(Read more about MemberChoice here and more about Specialty Drug Management here.) 

An excerpt of Alese's disaster recovery planning post:

If something fails, how long before you get back up and running?

By Alese Stroud, Merger Match

Team Merger Match would invite you to consider the implications of disaster recovery planning as it relates to your next acquisition or merger.

  • How deeply does your due diligence process dig into the seller’s current disaster recovery processes?
  • Do they have complete and current backups?
  • Do they have thorough documentation?
  • Are their restoration processes tested?
  • Do their personnel know how to recover?
  • Can you locate the backup files?
  • How quickly can your staff become sufficiently familiar with the seller’s recovery processes?
  • How will the transition impact backup and recovery processes?
  • What happens when a key system fails two weeks after you have bought the company?
  • How much will it cost you in hard dollars, lost sales and lost momentum to return to business-as-usual?

Full post here

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