ARK Challenge Teams Featured in City Wire Series

June 25, 2015

ARK Challenge alumni teams are featured in a City Wire series that looks at winners from the 2012 and 2013 competitions.

The three winners from the inaugural ARK launch in 2012, each receiving $150,000 investment rounds, were IA clients Qbox (then known as StackSearch) and Btiques of Fayetteville and MineWhat of Bangalore, India.

Btiques is not currently active, but MineWhat and Qbox are. 

More from the City Wire:

Northwest Arkansas was buzzing in 2012 because of its unique startup accelerator dubbed ARK Challenge. The program, made possible from $2.15 million in federal funds, allowed 15 startups from the globe access to mentoring and seed money to try and launch their business ventures following a three-month bootcamp experience.

The City Wire's MineWhat update is available here; its Qbox update is here. ARK 2013 winners were Overwatch, Langhar and Info Assembly, and the City Wire plans updates to come on them as well.


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