ARK Alum Justyn Hornor on Essential Techpreneur Skills

May 13, 2015

ARK Challenge alum Justyn Hornor shares his essential techpreneur skills in Arkansas Money & Politics.

Hornor took Politapoll through the fall 2014 ARK Challenge in Little Rock. Politapoll since merged with Little Rock's Civik, and Hornor pivoted to another venture he co-founded with Tim Brasuell: Real Agent Guard.

More on it here. Plus, Real Agent Guard recently received a $250,000 investment round from XCelerate Capital.

In the meantime, Hornor shares in AMP his basic skills that every tech entrepreneur needs to possess.

A few of his prerequisite basic skills:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Selling
  • Strategy/Vision
  • Finance/Accounting
  • Marketing/Branding
  • Fundraising 

A sample from the post:

The right technopreneur for a startup will understand the industry-specific technologies that the product will have to work with and help make critical choices on the front end of the product development.

Most successful startups are built by a team. As a technopreneur, I lean heavily on my co-founders for non-technical matters. I suffer from the same anti-selling syndrome of most software developers. So I make sure I have co-founders who can sell.

Good stuff. Read the whole post here


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