Raspberry Pi Bake-off Set for Innovation Hub

March 13, 2015

We're gonna resist the urge to write something along the lines of, "Things are baking at the Hub"...so, you're welcome.

But on Saturday, in honor of Pi Day, March 14 (3-14), the Innovation Hub will host central Arkansas' third-annual Raspberry Pi Bake­-off  from 9 a.m. to noon. The event, MAKE Pi, is part of the Hub's MAKE series.

More info here.

And here's more from the Hub:

The annual event (held each Pi Day, March 14th) is designed to showcase amazing projects created using the the affordable and versatile Raspberry Pi, a small $35 credit card-­size teaching computer designed for students and hobbyists.

Students, makers, and creatives are invited to bring their Raspberry Pi creations to compete for prizes, prestige, and ­ most importantly ­ bragging rights! In addition to the project competition, workshops and labs will be held for people just getting started with the Raspberry Pi, and for those interested in learning how to get the most out of their Raspberry Pi creations.

The event is free and open to the public.

For questions and additional information regarding the Raspberry Pi Bake­Off, please contact David J. Hinson at davidjhinson@gmail.com, call the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub at 501­-907­-6570, or visit the website at http://pi.arkgeeks.com/bakeoff.

And here's more from our cousin site, Little Rock Soiree, from whom we borrowed the great art above. The Soiree piece includes an educational video on what Raspeberry Pi is all about. A bite-sized sample from Soiree:

If you have no clue what we’re talking about or think Raspberry Pi has something to do with yummy dessert or the number 3.14, please let us explain.

Raspberry Pi is a $35 credit card-size computer that is designed for teaching students to program and for hobbyists who just simply love technology. All Raspberry Pi needs in order to operate is a SIM card and a USB cord that is plugged into your computer or television.

Now, we know you’re wondering what in the world you can actually do with a computer that is the size of a credit card. The beauty of the Raspberry Pi though is that it’s used for anything from programming robots and electricity all the way to rocking out to your favorite tunes. 

Good stuff. Dare we say...yummy, even. 


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