David Hudson of Tagless, Few on Startup Culture

January 9, 2015

David Hudson, co-founder of IA client firm and ARK Challenge alum Tagless Style, and founder/CEO of the Few agency, joined other IA clients who shared entrepreneuriual insights in Arkansas Money & Politics.

(Few, by the way, is in the pipeline to become an official IA client.)

Hudson writes about startup culture in the workplace, something he knows a little about. Few aims to continue launching tech-based startups like Tagless out of its downtown Little Rock office.

Here's an excerpt of his piece in M&P:

If Hawaiian t-shirts don’t define your company culture, what does? Vision. Everyone wants to do something really great, and I’m not talking about getting rich here. Create and implement a vision with all the strength you can muster. Done properly, a company’s vision becomes its heartbeat. It’s the drum that everyone marches to. If everyone in the company believes in the vision, and believes that leadership in the company endeavors at every opportunity to implement and improve that vision, a great company culture will follow. 

Read the full post here. Good stuff.


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