IA Client SEAS Education Partners on New Mobile K-12 Program

June 3, 2014

IA client SEAS Education of Mountain Home, an educational plan-management software firm, has partnered with Metova to develop innovative mobile educational programs for students in K-12.

Metova is a mobile app developer from Franklin, Tennessee. 

Here's more from the SEAS presser:

This partnership leverages the strength of two industry thought leaders in their quest to provide the education market with cost-effective, responsive and innovative programs and services.

"Our passion is to help the K-12 educators meet the individual needs of students," said Harvey Hughes, SEAS Education's founder. "We share a common passion with Metova to create a user experience that not only solves a problem, but gets at the core of an educator's anxiety."

Metova, Inc. is one of the fastest growing companies in the mobile development industry. With a deep understanding of project development challenges, Metova has a proven formula of building deep client partnerships through communication, transparency and accountability. Metova's Federal division brings 'just in time' training innovation to the armed forces environment with a focus on robust field-strength education tools.

"We built our business by developing mission-critical training programs for the personnel serving our country," said John Adams, Metova's Chief Executive Officer. "That training knowledge, combined with our mobile development division, sets the stage for a highly innovative partnership with SEAS Education. We look forward to raising the bar in education innovation."

Read the full press release here.


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