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We work tirelessly to secure the capital required to develop our state’s high-growth economy. Whether that's working towards the creation of new regional private investment groups, assisting clients in fundraising, or leveraging federal grants, we are steadfast in building a strong support structure for Arkansas' corporate and technology sectors.

Many of our clients find us most helpful for the network we’ve built among entrepreneurs, investors, and other startup community members. Whether we’re working with serial entrepreneurs or first-time founders, we put an emphasis on introducing our clients to the right capital sources. If you’re an Arkansas entrepreneur with a scalable business in search of funding, contact us to inquire about becoming an Innovate Arkansas client.

Client Testimonials

What our clients are saying
Tim Miller - President & CEO, SUMOTEXT

Innovate Arkansas has been a great resource. They really understand the challenges that face small companies, their guys know finance and how markets function, and that has improved our presentations to investors.

Tim Miller

President & CEO
Ellen Brune - CEO, Boston Mountain Biotech

My background is in science, so the Innovate Arkansas team provided a wealth of knowledge and experience... Innovate Arkansas was able to tell us which debt instruments would work best for our company, particularly in the case of future equity investments. We went with convertible notes, and Innovate Arkansas helped us draft those terms so that they put us in a good position for the future.

Ellen Brune

Boston Mountain Biotech
Brandon Eason - Co-founder & COO, Passenger Baggage Xpress

The Innovate Arkansas team members were with us every step of the way, and reached out to find funding solutions that fit our business needs. They guided us through the funding process and were able to assist with the financial data that was necessary to close the investment.

Brandon Eason

Co-founder & COO
Passenger Baggage Xpress
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