RetailTech Case Study: Sumotext

by Emily Reeves Dean August 20, 2018 Acceleration, Clients

IA met Sumotext founder, Tim Miller, just after he had grown and sold his medical equipment company. Tim had formed Sumotext in 2008 to pursue a large potential but nascent business in mobile messaging. This was also the inaugural year for IA and Tim was an early client. Tim had been a serial entrepreneur and never been shy about reaching out for help. Over the last 10 years, IA has developed into an advisory board for Tim to solve growth barriers.

IA assisted Tim with capital raising, shareholder and corporate governance, business development, litigation strategy, merger and acquisition and, now, scaling initiatives as Sumotext and Tim are the North American leadership for IMI Global’s entry into the U.S. market.

"Innovate Arkansas made a big difference in our early years, and continues to support us today. No matter what I need or am looking for, it most always starts with a call to Mike or Ted," says Miller.

The relationship with Tim and Sumotext is an example of how IA can help a serial entrepreneur in his next attempt to grow and thrive in Arkansas.

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