Podcast, Episode 5: Anders Steel

by Emily Reeves Dean April 11, 2016 Acceleration, Resources

In the latest episode of "Arkansas Goes Boom," our host talks with Anders Steel, a public relations professional who has been working with key Innovate Arkansas clients. Learn more about what Anders does, how he does it and the benefits of PR for startup companies.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

About The Podcast

Arkansas has a rich history of entrepreneurs whose businesses have shaped not only our state, but our nation and the world.  A new generation of entrepreneurs are emerging from the shadows of Walmart, Tyson Foods, JB Hunt, and other legendary brands famous to Arkansas.   

The "Arkansas Goes Boom" podcast is inspired by this generation of dreamers and risk takers and was created as a resource for anyone in Arkansas that aspires to own their business, currently does, or just loves a good story.  Our guests are the dreamers and risk takers; and this is their story.  

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